8 Ways To Make Golf Fun For Kids

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Make Golf Fun For Kids

Whether they are excited about the sport or not doesn’t really matter, a parent needs to make every attempt to get their kids interested in golf. Here are 8 tips to help you do this.

Have Them Take Lessons

Beating a kid at golf is not the greatest thing to do, so take lessons with them. Kids learn best when they are having fun, so sit them down for a lesson and see how quick they start to catch on.

Whether they are good at the not, after a few lessons, they will be excited about the sport. They will always want to beat you at the next round of golf because they got better.

Go with Them to a Golf Practice Range

Golf practice range is good because it gives the kids something to focus on. Regardless of whether they are good or they don’t have the right clubs or balls, it will keep them having fun.

Hit some balls for them to see how it is done and let them hit a few balls too. Even if the ball doesn’t fly far, they will still have a good time.

Break It down into Simpler Terms for Them

One reason that kids don’t take to golf is that it is hard to comprehend. This is especially so if you are trying to explain the rules or complicated putting strategies to them.

Here Are Our 8 Ways That You Can Make Golf Fun For Kids (And The Whole Famdamily):

Let Them Call The Shots

No doubt, your child will want to hit the ball, but it’s a good idea to let them choose…and control…what clubs they’ll use. Toddlers and preschoolers can practice their swings with plastic clubs, and older kids can practice putting with clubs you’ve already taught them to hit.

For an older brother or sister, this can be a chance to earn some serious brownie points by taking on the role of “tour guide” and teaching your child how to hit the ball correctly with the right clubs. No matter the beginner’s level, teens can always teach younger ones something from their own experience, and the newbie will be eager to learn everything they can at this age.

It Starts With A Game

For kids who aren’t normally interested in golf, the first step is to get them engaged in a game. As far as sports go, golf is not very active, and kids with ADHD may not be very interested. So if you’re looking to get your kids interested in golf there isn’t a lot of running to be done. They’re not exactly outrunning the competition, or even the ball.

Golf is a perfect sport to teach kids life skills. All it will take is a little help from you. And here are the skills you can help your child learn while playing golf.


Ask your child to wait for a hole in one. When they get it they can take a day off from golf. It is a great way to make golf fun for kids and also emphasize the need for patience.


Share a game with a friend. When you do, make sure you share the responsibilities. It can be difficult for kids to share their toys, let alone a game, but this way they may learn more about sharing properly. Not everything will be as fun the second time around, but this game is close to the real thing. You’ll have to take your turns hitting the ball yourself, again and again.

Wanted Improvement

Make Sure They Have The Correct Equipment

Just because you have invested in the latest and greatest equipment doesn’t mean you should hand it over to your kids the moment they say they want to try golf.

While advanced equipment will provide unmatched performance, intermediate equipment will enable them to develop the necessary skills to improve their game.

The Ping i20 is equipped with oversized clubheads and lightweight graphite shafts that provide increased club speed and distance with a high trajectory that is easier for beginners to hit off the ground.

Don’t Start Lessons Too Soon

The first thing is to start golf lessons too soon. You might think that your child is good enough, after all, they have a really good swing. They hit the ball straight long distances and they hit it often, too!

But are you sure your child has learned how to play? With the really good swing, how far can they hit a ball? Can they hit their ball straight when they have no idea how to play?

Even if they are really young and have outgrown their toys, and have only one thing in mind — hitting balls with their parents, you probably do not want a "Little Prodigy" who, unless he has someone to guide him, is not going to be able to play golf for fun.

There are a lot of juniors who can hit the ball a long way from a short distance, but can't hit it from far away and are always getting lost. In order to help them, the professional golf teachers recommend starting golf lessons as late as possible.

If you want to start golf lessons, you can start when you begin the game.

Let Them Be the Teacher

Having an adult always at the ready to show them the right way to swing the club or putt the ball isn’t always a good idea.

You could, however, teach them a very safe and easy practice drill to learn how to address the ball.

It’s simply a matter of placing a tee in the ground and then having them practice addressing the ball coming at them from different directions.

If they need any actual help, they can depend on this to make sure the ball is always solidly struck.

Be The Example

If your kids took after you, they’re probably already golf crazy. If not, you may want to start paying attention to the way you approach the game. If you’re not a fan of the sport but your kids are, you may want to think about reevaluating your own personal feelings.

While you may not love golf, you shouldn’t love your kids any less, so why not take some time to explore the game with them? If you already do enjoy golf, maybe you can share that newfound joy with your kids as well.

Absolutely no matter what feeling you have for the game, you can’t deny the fact that there are some aspects of the game that will most likely excite your kids. The only way they’ll be able to enjoy the game is if you enjoy it, so instead of losing season tickets to your team and purchasing golf clubs that are too big for your kids, focus on doing something with your kid that they love.

Be Supportive

The main idea behind this fun golf tip for kids is if you want them to have fun on the golf course, be supportive of their learning and let them see your enjoyment of it.

Most importantly, when they started losing interest in golf (which will happen) because it is hard to stay focused on something that is hard to learn, hard to do and hard to master, remind them of the fun you had as a kid on the golf course.

To make sure you remember, write down a few of the fun golf moments you had each time you play with your kids. This will encourage them to see the great side of playing golf.

Reward Them

Sometimes playing golf is the least favorite activity for kids. Even though they do not like the game, it is a way to spend time with your loved ones. Try spending some time with your kids and then play golf while they are doing other things they like. This will make them want to play golf more often.

Once you do a little research more about golf and try to understand your kids interests, it will be easier for them to spend time with you. This can help you get your kids to talk about golf and ask you to play more often. Rewards can make kids want to engage and spend time playing golf.