25 Uses For A Pocket Knife

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Ways To Use A Pocket Knife

Keep It Safe.

A knife can be handy to have around, but you need to have it where nobody can get to it! Whether at school, work, or home, you should always have a safe place to keep your pocket knife, so that you do not have accidents.

Choose The Right One.

Pocket knives come in different shapes made for specific uses. For example, if you are an angler, then you have to choose a knife for fishing.

Take A Look At The Clip.

Different knives feature different kinds of clips. Some knives feature a clip that is perpendicular while others feature a clip that is parallel. If you want to carry your knife around, rather than keeping it in your pocket, you should look for one that has a clip.

Don’t Use It To Pry.

Knives are not designed to be used to pry open objects. This is a bad idea if you want to keep your knife in good condition. Use your pocket knife with caution and for its intended usage.

Keep It Sharp.

Having a dull knife is actually more dangerous than having a sharp one! A sharp pocket knife is less likely to slip than a dull one. A sharp pocket knife can cut through objects easier than a dull one.

Get A Sheath.

The Many Functions of the Pocket Knife

The exact definition of pocket knife is shrouded in confusion and age-old disputes.

In ancient times, there were no pocket knives and so they weren’t called pocket knives.

The term is, in fact, a modern invention, designed to simply refer to a small, easy-to-carry knife designed for general purpose use.

It is, therefore, named as pocket knife because the scissors, jack knives, and pen knives are too large to be carried in the pocket.

Functions of a Pocket Knife

The pocket knife can serve many purposes, perhaps more than most people ever realize – providing one is aware of its versatility and functions.

A well-functioning pocket knife can become a very useful tool and can perform many tasks. It is of noble origin and has its origins in the Swiss Army knife.

The following are its various uses.

{1}. Scissors: Some pocket knives come with integrated scissors, making the knife an all-in-one tool.
{2}. Jack Knife: The jack knife is the most basic and common type of pocket knife. It provides a variety of functions such as nail file, tweezers, toothpick, scissors, blade, corkscrew and more. It is also referred to as a penknife.

Bonus Usage