10 Lesser-Known Sports You Should Try

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10 Lesser-Known Sports

I can only remember back to the days when I was a child, my mother took me to my first tennis class. Since that day, I fell in love with this sport and I have been practicing it ever since. The adrenaline you get when you both win and lose, the adrenaline you feel while playing, the adrenaline you feel when you lose points or win a point… all of this placed me at the top tennis player in my country.

However, now that I am in my teens, I am going through a kind of crisis and I am not so sure anymore if I would like to strive to be the best tennis player in my country. Hence, I had to look for another sports to practice and that’s how I started playing baseball.

But after a while, even baseball was a bit repetitive for me and the only thing that kept me going were my friends who also played baseball.

Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try and maybe I will like it, maybe not, and you cannot know until you try.

But, why did all my friends start playing baseball? Because they could not play tennis? Those who are not the best at a sport will not become the best at another, there is nothing that can change that and changing the interests of friends is basically the matter of being lucky enough.

Wife Carrying

Wife Carrying is another strength-based event. The Rulebook of World Championships in Wife Carrying states that in order to qualify, the female participant must not weigh less than 49 kg (108 lb) and her height must be at least 150 cm.

However, this sport is in no way limited to heavy women. In fact, the world record is held by Estonian Alar Voogas, who could carry his wife (aged only 49 kg!) for a distance of 253.5 m in the Wife Carrying Contest in Sonkajae, South Korea in 2010.

In this sport, the contestant must keep hold of his wife from the starting line until he crosses the finish line. Bear in mind, he cannot simply toss her over his shoulder and run; the woman must be carried loosely by one arm.

The wife is also required to wear a safety helmet and a bra with a strap (not just any bra) to prevent neck and back injuries.

This sport is mostly popular in the following countries – Finland, Estonia, Japan and the USA.

Swamp Soccer

Swamp soccer, also known as sloshball, is a popular, wacky and very unique sport. It originated in the United States in 1977, and the basic rules are simple.

Two teams of seven players each play on a water-filled, rectangular court called a sloshpit, attempting to shoot a soccer-sized ball into the opponents’ goal.

What’s unique about this game is the water-filled environment.

Players use a water-proof bag to shoot the ball.

The court is filled with anywhere between 5 and 7 inches of water, and players must wear sneakers for traction, but most other footwear is permitted.

The main way players move the ball down the court is by grabbing onto it and poking or dribbling it through the water. They can also kick the ball to one another.

The award-winning documentary “Swamp Soccer: The Movie” explains the sport best.

Hmm, now I want to try this. I love water!

Do Try This Game next Time You

Go to swamps, as you will have a lot of fun.


It can be hard to top Zorbing, a sport that involves rolling around inside a giant inflatable ball. The sport involves a big ball filled with plastic and water that a person and often a dog are placed inside.

The ball is then rolled down a hill. Zorbing is one of the best known activities on New Zealand’s North Island and can be found at adventure parks and zorbing centres.

The ball might feel a little like rolling downhill in an outhouse. But if the basic idea of zorbing appeals to you, you can give it a try with one of the outdoor adventure companies in New Zealand.

Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey is a fast-paced water sport that was first played in Australia in the 1950s. It is still quite new and unknown compared to other popular water sports such as swimming, surfing and diving.

Two teams of six players face off in a pool, attempting to manoeuvre a puck across an air-filled goal line using any combination of stickhandling, shooting and passing.

It is widely considered one of the top five most addictive sports in the world. According to the World Underwater Hockey Federation, the game can only be played in 40 feet or greater depth.

However, international competitions are held in both 20 feet and 40 feet water.

It is fun, safe and ideal for beginners in the water, as it improves endurance, strength, agility and cardiovascular fitness.

Extreme Ironing

Do you think you have what it takes to become an extrordinarily good ironer?

Extreme ironing is a sport, where people iron extreme ironing boards, or in other words, iron clothes while out in the wild.

What You Will Need:

  • A lot of clothes,
  • An extra-long ironing board,
  • A backpack and


Go to an extremely steep peak, iron while hiking and while gliding down the mountain, and then iron your clothes again.

Saint Swithin's Prize

Saint Swithin's Prize is an English weather prediction game based on the Alfred Lord Tennyson poem "St. Swithun's (St. Swithin)". Those of you who are familiarized with the poem know that it is all about the weather.

To win this game, you have to predict the weather accurately. And the earlier you predict more points you will earn.

What You Will Need:

A good book on weather patterns



Kabaddi is a strategy-based contact sport that originated in India. It is played by two teams of seven players on a rectangular court divided by a line in the middle.

The objective of the game is for a team to send a "raider" into the opponent's court, and earn points by touching as many defenders on their way as possible. It is also known colloquially as the "game of shadows".

The raider then attempts to return to his/her own half of the court in order to tag the next player. If one or more of the defenders who are tagged by the raider manage to "contain" the raider until the time runs out, the raider becomes out and the defenders are given a point each. However, if the raider manages to touch each player of the opposing team before the time runs out, then the team that the raider represents would earn one point each.

The game has been used for a variety of social functions in India, enabling players to have fun without gambling.

In Indian sport culture, Kabaddi has evolved to become more strategic and competitive, as well as entertaining in recent decades, though it is still largely played as a social event.


Ever wondered why you see those massive snow buffers in the background of the shot in every Winter Olympics? When it comes to sports no one knows about, this is one of the most often overlooked ones.

The sport of curling involves sliding rocks across a frozen court towards a target at the end. The one who gets the rock closest without going past wins the game.

If you’re in the northern USA or Canada, this is the perfect sport for you to try. Curling clubs are located all over the place.

Curling isn’t quite the same as ice hockey. Instead of sliding across the ice with sharp blades, you push a large rock on ice skates across a sheet.

The basic technique involves sweeping away a thin layer of ice with a stick or broom before it reaches the target stone. And even though you can be aggressive, throwing the rock could get the opposing team a point.

So be sure to take things slow and steady if you’re just starting out.

To get you started, check out the USA’s national curling site here. They offer information on how to get started in curling, and local curling clubs in the states.


Fencing is a very exciting, fast-paced sport. It gives you a crash course in swordsmanship and includes elements of martial arts. It is great for you physically and mentally, and also requires your full-attention.

A bout of fencing lasts three or four minutes, depending on the type, which is executed on a 40-foot (12-meter) by 20-foot (6-meter) piste, or sand-covered area, by two competitors wearing masks, jackets, breeches, and gloves.

During this time, the fencers score points by landing hits on their opponent with the tip of the sword.

The present-day Olympic form of fencing appeared in the early 20th century and consists of three weapons: foil, épée, and sabre.

Each weapon is governed by specific rules and considered as a separate discipline by those involved in the sport.

Each competition consists of a specific number of bouts, with one point or a series of points between two opponents serving as the basic unit.

Points are counted by areas on the body. Foil, épée, and sabre all have the same target area that the fencers try to hit with their tip. These areas are:

The hand. A hit on this part of the body only counts as one point, but the elbow is a valid target. That makes this the second-most valid target area.

Kick Volleyball

One of the fastest growing sports, volleyball has become a popular sport in the United States. Fast pace of the game, lots of action, and good exercise make it a great choice for most sports fans.

The game has been popular as a beach sport for a long time. Kick volleyball is an offshoot of this, which started in Hawaii in the 1920’s and became very famous in the late 1970’s when it was played in the Olympics.

While there is volleyball equipment available for the game, you don’t really need it, which makes it perfect for beach volleyball, as opposed to the traditional sand volleyball.

This sport has you standing at the net, with your feet planted at the back line, but it does not follow some of the rules of the traditional volleyball.

A player can only hit a ball over the net if it works within the rules of the game.

Play is fast-paced and is mostly run by the males. Men tend to be very competitive, while the women are very supportive.

Effort is put into blocking and smashing the ball over the net. Blocks are made by kicking the ball over the net, leading to very exciting play.

Water Polo

Water polo is a high-speed, intense, full-contact, team sport played in a swimming pool. The objective is to throw the ball into the opponent’s goal to score goals. (I think.)

Water polo is relatively unpopular. So you will not have to share your local waters with many other water polo fans, making it quite a unique and personal experience.

You can play water polo on land, but at the expense of many of its peculiar features.

But, since today’s games are played in a swimming pool, you should be in decent shape to participate.

Still reading? If you are, you are almost ready to become a water polo player.

The best part: you only need a swimming pool, a ball, and about a dozen people to start playing! You can play water polo match in the swimming pool at hotels or local pools.