The Do’s & Dont’s Of Manscaping Every Guy Should Know

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Things To Know About Manscaping

If you’re not sure what manscaping actually is, it’s the art of trimming and grooming body hair.

You need to do a manscaping job to make sure that your body hair is well controlled and not too bushy.

But there are specific techniques, know-hows and “rules” associated with the process.

Since manscaping is not a “one size fits all” kind of procedure, I’d suggest you thoroughly check out all the dos and don’ts of manscaping before jumping into the whole process.

Do’s of Manscaping

Make sure you do your manscaping in a private place where you have the necessary tools to hand.

Be sure to sit with a shaved pubic area because blood can leave telltale stains on the sheets!

Men with Parkinson’s disease or other pre-existing motor problems should try to keep their penis pubic hair as long as possible since great force can be placed on their genitals as they get erect. Vibrators should be especially used only on smooth areas of such men.

Manscaping seasonally is also a good idea.

Start Trimming Down Your Hair

Trimming your hair is for sure not something too exciting to do. However, it is important to keep your hair clean and tidy.

Keep your hair maintenance routine simple, easy and economical. Don’t spend much time to do this. It’s important for you to be fast and precise when trimming your hair.

Do not forget to wash your hair before you get started with the trimming. This is very important because it allows you to have a good look at where you trim and allows you to see the direction of your hair.

Follow a pattern. Establishing a pattern and keeping it consistent will help you when you’re trimming your hair.

If you are just learning how to trim your hair, it’s a good thing to keep it simple.

Start with your shoulders, stomach and neck area and then move on to your face. It’s better to begin by trimming a small amount before trimming more when you’re learning how to maintain your hair.

Manscaping The Right Way

Manscaping is simply the art of maintaining your manly hygiene and grooming the body hair. This is not just a matter of keeping your manhood clean and hairless like a baby’s butt. It also keeps the private parts free of hair and prevents it from becoming wiry.

The primary purpose of manscaping is developing better hygiene and preventing infection and diseases. Besides these, there are other hidden perks of manscaping.

Dont’s of Manscaping

Don’t Manscape too much. Too much manscaping can eliminate the natural scent that triggers the attraction. Having too smooth of a chest might make you look like a eunuch.

Don’t Manscape down there if you want to look masculine. Manscaping down there might make you look like a feminine diva.

Don’t Manscape too often. Avoid manscaping too often. A common mistake in manscaping is shaving too often and removing too much hair. This makes your skin more vulnerable to sunburns.

Don’t Manscape in the winter. The cold and dryness of the winter months may irritate your skin. Go with the hair growth and shave in the spring and summer.

Don’t cut hair on your chin. Any hair on your face is unappealing. Make sure you don’t opt for a beard with one inch long hair. The best beard styles for black men have about two to four days of growth.

Don’t shave everything. Make sure you don’t go overboard with the razor. Smooth skin is not always what a girl looks for.