8 Different Types of Wallets For Men

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Wallets For Men

The Bi-Fold Wallet

Bi-fold wallets are the wallet type that we remember every day. They are the oldest form of wallets and the biggest in size. They are offered in brown leather, and have ample room for a lot of storage. It can hold around 10-12 cards, money and many others. They open like a book to a divided part. The bi-fold wallet is also the most favored form of wallets by the gents. They are well-manageable, and have great pockets where you can also store your coin purse. They are also popular as they are affordable. But they do not satisfy modern day needs.

The Cardholder Wallet

A cardholder, also known as bi-fold, is one of the most common types of men’s wallet. What makes this kind so popular is not only the size but also its practicality.

The cardholder can hold between 2 to 5 cards, and if it’s too tiny for you, there is an option to add a second pocket on the inside to add an extra layer.

Besides that, a cardholder is also perfect for the minimalist in you. You can quickly take it anywhere with you not having to worry about bulkiness.

It’s the perfect wallet for going out with friends or on a weekend trip because it’s small enough to put in your pocket unnoticed.

The Minimalist Wallet

Everyone one of us wants to buy the latest trend, that’s why we often end up with multiple wallets with all different types of designs.

Instead of that, why don’t we just have one that’s basic and simple to help us save some money, or space?

So, if you’re in need of a new or another wallet, consider a minimalist wallet.

Weave Shift

The weave shift is super clean and minimal.

You can also tell it’s a great quality wallet because it’s made with leather. This is a simple wallet made out of leather. You’ll notice that it has a rip and a tug, and that’s the main attraction. It allows you to store your currency. So if you’re looking for a wallet that’s made out of leather, this is a wallet you should consider.

Coin Wallet

Another great minimalist wallet, is this coin wallet. The one thing about this wallet is that it goes with anything. You can even use it as that organizer on your key chain. What I like most about this wallet is the simplistic design. You basically make you’re own design with whatever you want to put inside of the wallet. It’s great because you can always have easy access to whatever you put in, which is the main point of a wallet.

The Money Clip

A money clip wallet (or money clip card holder) looks and acts like a traditional wallet, but it employs a metal (usually metal or aluminum) clip to keep the bills folded in half. This allows for much thinner credit cards, business cards, and other things usually stored within a wallet.

Most money clip wallets have a special compartment where bills can be placed and clipped in place. You can often open them with a flick of your thumb due to the easy access design.

In some brands, that flap is replaced with a hard shell for a more sleek look, very much like a traditional wallet. Money clip wallets come in a wide variety of materials and design, so you can find something that appeals to you.

The money clip card holder is designed to hold cash – and nothing other than cash.

Personally, I use a money clip wallet for my cards, but I have another dedicated money clip for cash. There is, of course, the flip side to that.

If you are that person who makes a lot of purchases online, having both a money clip wallet and a money clip card holder might be the way to go.

The Passport Holder Wallet

Holds your passport, boarding pass, cards, a few notes, receipts and a pen.

Directions: The passport holder wallet is small and comes with two. You can keep one in your jacket or another coat and one in your briefcase. It is a one time purchase.

Pros: Can fit a few cards, passport, a pen and some money.

Cons: No space to put coins.

The RFID Wallet

Improved technology has made it possible for pickpockets to steal your identity in a matter of seconds with just a quick scan.

RFID technology is the latest trend in creating unique and military-grade cards, passports and identification cards. This type of technology is used to supply information through electromagnetic fields without any physical contact.

With RFID cards and identification, thieves can access private information from some distance away.

Users of contactless cards, mobile phones or even passports can easily be victimized by the use of RFID technology.

RFID Wallets are designed to prevent skimming of personal information.

The wallet is designed to block 13.56Mhz, which is the primary frequency band for credit cards and contactless cards. A simple way to understand this is to think of a thick wall made of copper for the wallet.

This material is created by replacing the liner of the bi-fold or trifold wallet with a thin sheet of copper. This material is difficult to enter because of the copper sheet.

Taking out your credit card from your RFID wallet will require you to open both sides of the wallet to access. Thus, protecting your information!

The RFID blocking wallet is the most popular wallet for men. It’s great for business travelers and any man who wants to protect his identity.

The Tactical Wallet

It is a must have for the man on the run! It has a great functionality and the main attribute is being slim.

As it is made of high quality and durable materials, it will be there with you through all the situations you will be experiencing.

It is a wallet for everyday use. It has a comfortable design and a durable construction.

The wallet is very slim, you can fit it in any of your pockets.

It is a great accessory to have. The lines are clean and well done. It is made of durable materials in order to last longer.

The wallet has a back pocket that you can use to carry your ID and credit cards. As the wallet has two long holders, you can carry cards and cash in them.

The wallet is suitable for men of all ages. You can carry a lot of cards and cash with this slim and reliable wallet.

It has an easy to use snap button that allows you to use it easily.

The wallet will make you feel cool and modern. It is something that you will enjoy using.

The wallet is designed to last for a long time. You will be satisfied with the quality of the wallet.

The wallet has a lifetime warranty for any functionality issues. It is a great tool to have by your side always.

The Tri-Fold Wallet

One of the most common types of wallets is the Tri-fold wallet. It is often made with either leather or canvas, and is perfect for carrying most of your essential cards, your cash, and your backup IDs.

Keep in mind that there are a few downsides to this type of wallet. Because there is only a single money pocket on the inside, it is difficult to keep cash from falling out and getting lost.

Also, there's nothing to hold the tri-fold together once opened, and there's really nothing to keep the wallet shut other than friction.

That's why it's easier to fit something inside a tri-fold besides cash. You can also store gift cards, loyalty cards, and membership cards.

But don't overdo it, or you'll have to go through a big stack just to find the one you want.

Tri-fold wallets typically have an ID window, some have more than one. Make sure that the one you buy has the right quantity of card pockets and the right size of window for your passport.

Also, the more features a tri-fold wallet has, the higher the price.

Make sure to check out the main features of a wallet before buying it, both in terms of practicality and design.