9 Bodyweight Exercises To Build Your Back

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Bodyweight Exercises To Build Your Back

Back is the part of the body we often neglect even though back health is an important part of overall health.

Back health is critical because the spine is the centerpiece of the skeletal system. If the bones are not in a proper alignment, it can disrupt the nervous system which can lead to reduced physical activity, loss of mobility, and possibly pain.

It is important to acknowledge that back pain is a very common health complaint, particularly in women .

Either way, back musculature is necessary not only for removing pain but also for performing daily functions such as sitting, standing, and lifting .

Bodyweight workouts are simple and easy-to-perform exercises that can be done anytime and anywhere.

They are a preferred option for those who are looking for a low-impact training and for those who can’t perform traditional weight-lifting exercises.

The bodyweight exercises for the back are mostly done through a multi -joint concept which involves the participation of a lot of muscles in the back. Although there’s a high-level of muscle activity, you may not see a lot of muscle growth and gain.

It is essential to keep in mind that the gains from bodyweight exercises are very important to develop back health and functionality, but it is covered in the 4 Bodyweight Exercises To Build Your Back post.

Pull Up

You probably know how to do pull-ups, but do you know why they’re so damn good for you?

They primarily target your lats and biceps, but since you’re your back is your entire upper body (including your chest and abs), they will help strengthen all of these muscles as well.

Like all compound exercises, pull-ups should be performed early in your routine