10 Best Watch Winders (Review) in 2022

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A watch winder is a device the turns the watch every few minutes to keep it powered, prevent the lubrication from drying, and to maintain the movement of the watch. Unfortunately, not every watch winder is worth it. Heck, most aren’t worth it at all.

A lot of them look great but perform terribly and you’ll regret the purchase. We’ll show you which watch winders have the best value in terms of quality and performance. You’ll also learn everything you need to know before you buy a watch winder.

WOLF 270102 Heritage Double Watch WinderBest OverallWOLF 270102 Heritage Double Watch Winder
Versa Automatic Single Watch WinderBudget PickVersa Automatic Single Watch Winder
WOLF 270602 Heritage 4 Piece Watch WinderUpgrade PickWOLF 270602 Heritage 4 Piece Watch Winder

1. WOLF 270102 Heritage Double Watch Winder

Our rating: 9 / 10

WOLF 270102 Heritage Double Watch Winder

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  • Solid construction
  • Quality gears
  • Comes with a cover
  • Easy to use
  • Operates silently
  • Looks stunning
  • Opens easily with a key
  • Compartment is plenty to accomodate large watches
  • Stackable if you choose two
  • Serpentine design winds for two watches simultaneously

The Wolf heritage double watch winder offers a compact solution for those who like to own more than one watch. It features two double-sided watch winders that face each other on either side of the clock.

It comes with a removable cover to cover the winding mechanisms of both units. It is available in multiple colors.

You have the option of setting the sliding front cover open and closed, or you can leave it open in order to view your timepieces. You also have the option of covering up one of the winders in full if you own multiple watches that have different priorities.

2. WOLF 270602 Heritage 4 Piece Watch Winder

Our rating: 8 / 10

WOLF 270602 Heritage 4 Piece Watch Winder

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This watch winder from WOLF is an elegant system that can contain 4 automatic mechanical watches. It features an attractive design, and you can rest assured that your watches will be well-protected due to its capacity to keep your precious treasures secure – thanks to its double locking system.

This hold up to 4 automatic mechanical watches. It comes equipped with a soft felt top cover and an LED clock with an alarm. Also attached is a key for winding and a remote control to control the motor speed, as well as an automatic calendar to set the intervals played by the winders.

The system operates like a clock with 27 settings that can be repeated every 18 minutes, and comes with 27 melodies and 12 songs, with a volume control, all of which is accessible from your remote control.

3. WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder

Our rating: 8 / 10

WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder

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Watch winders are a must if you want the best winding experience for your automatic watch. It’s designed to simulate the natural motion of your wrist. The model we’re reviewing is the WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder.

This watch winder offers sleek and simple watch storage for both analog and digital watches. The interior soft blue felt lining offers gentle support for your watch. You can store up to two watches in this winder and fit different watch shapes.

This winder is quiet. Watch winders are noisy because of the weight of the motor, but this one is lighter and less noisy.

4. JQUEEN Watch Winder

Our rating: 8 / 10

JQUEEN Watch Winder

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  • Works with almost any watch
  • You have a choice of how you want the watch placed
  • Ads to the longevity of your watch
  • Easy to install and use
  • The motor is whisper quiet
  • Comes with a remote control
  • You can control the rotation of each individual watch
  • You can set the timer for the rotations
  • The LCD screen is clear to read
  • The price is excellent for a five-watch winder


  • We wish this came with a power port
  • The manufacturer recommends using only JQUEEN winders as accessories

What do you get in the box?

You can use any type of watch with this cradle.

Does this come with straps? This comes with two straps to hold your timepieces.

5. Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder

Our rating: 8 / 10

Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder

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  • Very affordable watch winder
  • Auxiliary input
  • Watch can be displayed in vertical position
  • LED display shows battery life
  • Accommodates up to 17-inch width and a maximum of 5.5-inches in height
  • Looks great
  • Low noise levels
  • Will accommodate both automatic and manual watches
  • 48-hours in advance can be set for winding
  • Anti-gravity shock system prevents the watch from being activated when the winder is moving

The automatic watch winder M888-1 is a mid-range model made by Versa. The Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder is a beautifully made unit with both black and silver colors and is available in both the colors black and silver.

The M888-1 is a back-wind watch winder that stands out among the other winders due its low price while still being able to provide all the basic features.

6. WOLF 270402 Heritage Double Watch Winder

Our rating: 8 / 10

WOLF 270402 Heritage Double Watch Winder

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The WOLF Heritage Double Watch Winder with Cover and Storage is a well constructed winder with enough storage space to hold another two watches. It comes with a cover to protect the contents inside, but you will have to do a little bit of assembly to get it working.

This watch is really well made with high quality leather and metal components that are built to last.

The instruction is in German but it is very easy to assemble.

7. CHIYODA Single Automatic Watch Winder

Our rating: 8 / 10

CHIYODA Single Automatic Watch Winder

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  • Air circulation system
  • 12-rotation modes
  • 8‟ glass lid
  • Mild sound, too


  • Great for small watches, but
  • Case is not that rigid

This is a great watch winder that’s well-made and rotates in twelve directions, which should help your timepiece stay in good order while you’re not wear it.

The top window is 1.2 inches, and it uses three AA batteries that need replacing after a few months. The automatic rotation feels pretty slow, which is useful for keeping things in good shape.

The motor also makes a pretty quiet sound, which is great given that it’ll be running every day.

8. Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder

Our rating: 8 / 10

Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder

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  • Sliding cover for added safety
  • Affordable

The Versa single watch winder is advertised as a way to conveniently store and automatically wind and charge watches with just a push of a button. It can wind and rewind your automatic, mechanical or quartz watch.

Basically, the Versa will wind and or set the time on your watch according to the directions by the clock. It helps to keep your watch running efficiently and accurately. The Versa watch winder is easy to use and it is the perfect gift for your father, husband, boyfriend, son, or anyone who wants to keep a watch wound.

It can hold a watch with case size of approximately up to 50mm. This watch winder also comes with a slide shut glass cover with removable battery backup. It also features extra long electrical cord and an optional push button winder.

9. Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder in Black

Our rating: 7 / 10

Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder in Black

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And Automatic Shut-Off.

This particular watch winder is a good choice if you have only a handful of automatic watches and want a winder that fits nicely in your dresser or night stand. It’s relatively quiet and has a simple setting. It’s a 2-level winder, so it’s not the best for large collections of sports watches or complicated-winding automatic watches. You can adjust pillow height and control each side individually. It can hold 2 large fast-winding watches or 2 medium-sized watches simultaneously. The watch covers are removable.

It can also power your watches for a few days should the power go out. The inner pillow and outer shell is made of artificial leather. The material looks and feels nice, but also gives the watch a nice place to rest. This is a good choice for most men’s dress watches.

10. JQUEEN Automatic Watch Winder

Our rating: 6 / 10

JQUEEN Automatic Watch Winder

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  • Really quiet
  • Stylish, beautiful design with an elegant faux leather exterior
  • Has a total of 10 adjustable modes, in order to provide proper orientation for your watch
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty


  • Lacks an odor
  • Some reviews suggest the materials are low-quality

Reviewers say that the winder is smooth, silent and durable. It’s made of high-quality materials and has an elegant design. While it’s a little pricey, it’s worth the money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best watch winders?

Watches can be delicate, and the more additional mechanisms and moving parts, the more delicate they become. There are many factors that can affect the operation of a watch: magnetism, an unfamiliar wrist, gravity changes. However, the most important factor is temperature. Extremely hot or cold temperatures can damage a watch or stop its delicate parts from operating correctly.

When on your wrist, the watch is subjected to a wide range of temperatures. And when you leave it in a drawer or safe box, you may not even realize how quickly the temperature drops. Putting it in a watch winder can help preserve the condition and value of the watch.

Finding the best watch winder for your needs can be a lot of work, especially if you don’t know what to look for. In this buying guide, we have compiled a list of 10 of the best watch winders available on the market so that you can find the best one for you.

Are watch winders any good?

This is a big NO. Watch winders are actually very detrimental to a watch and should be avoided at all costs. Watch winders force the watches’ springs to stay wound. Unfortunately, this is not a good thing for watch springs. Sometimes, this can cause irreparable damage to your watch. The constant jolts can also cause the rotor to separate from the rest of the mechanism.

If you often travel with your watch, by all means, buy a watch winder. If you live a more stationary life and use a watch only occasionally, do not buy a watch winder! In fact, you might want to consider having all the batteries for that watch disconnected. Having the battery wear out and then send your watch off to the repairman is of course more cost effective than winding it up and down continuously.

What watch winder does Rolex recommend?

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust- watch winder…? As if you hadn’t already guessed from the illustration, the Datejust is one of Rolex’s most iconic timepieces, first introduced in 1945. Now, this watch has been a favorite for many years, and it remains a symbol of sophistication. This watch is known for its Rolex family of 31 jewels 31,600 BPH movement which also incorporates Rolex’s innovative Parachrom hairspring a Rolex-patented technology. The Datejust is also so resistant that it can endure up to one million vibrations on a daily basis without causing undue harm to the watch. The Datejust also comes in two varieties: the Datejust, which has an automatic movement so that it will never stop running, or the Datejust II which is modeled on the same lines but features a quartz movement.

Do watch winders damage watches?

It is a common misconception that watch winders damage your watch. Some people believe that if you place your watch in the winder for too long, the mechanism of your automatic watch will be damaged. This is untrue! There are no known cases of watch winders damaging watch mechanisms. Some people do prefer to put their watches in a watch winder for long periods of time as it keeps them wound and ready to wear.


The following are watch winders that can be used for different watches and comes in a different range of prices. Be sure to take note of your budget and watch size before making your purchasing decision to ensure that you give your watch the care it deserves.

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WOLF 270102 Heritage Double Watch WinderBest OverallWOLF 270102 Heritage Double Watch Winder
Versa Automatic Single Watch WinderBudget PickVersa Automatic Single Watch Winder
WOLF 270602 Heritage 4 Piece Watch WinderUpgrade PickWOLF 270602 Heritage 4 Piece Watch Winder