10 Best Etnies Shoes For Men (Review) in 2022

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Etnies is an American footwear company specializing in skateboarding and outdoor lifestyle shoes. Etnies is considered as the first skate shoe company, starting from 1977. Jimmy was the one who founded Etnies in 1992. He is a freelance graphic designer and a skateboarder at the same time. He designed the first shoe of Etnies himself.

Etnies is favored as a skateboard shoe and has been the professional skateboarding shoe brands for many years.

Etnies Men's Kingpin Skateboarding ShoeBest OverallEtnies Men's Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe
Etnies Men's Division Skate ShoeBudget PickEtnies Men's Division Skate Shoe
Etnies Marana Skate ShoeUpgrade PickEtnies Marana Skate Shoe

1. Etnies Men's Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe

Our rating: 9 / 10

Etnies Men's Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe

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The hybrid skateboarding shoe/high-street sneaker look makes the Etnies Men’s Kingpin a pretty unique pair of shoes, and some people have even jokingly said that they look like Nazi boots! This shoe comes with a great upper, sturdy toe-box and comfortable heel cup and plastic sides to give it that classic basketball feel.

This shoe’s sole is made out of rubber with a hard impact and a good amount of response. The rubber is pretty hard, so it doesn’t do too well for jogging on smooth/flat surfaces, but it does pretty well for skateboarding and wearing around on the street.

The boots are slightly high-tops, which means that they’re cut a little higher on the ankle, which does give you a little more protection and support. This comes at the expense of some flexibility though.

2. Etnies Scout Sneaker

Our rating: 8 / 10

Etnies Scout Sneaker

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  • This popular skateboarding/skate shoe/sneaker brand has been on the market since 1986, and has been consistently one of the best brands since the beginning of skateboarding.

The frame of the shoe is equipped with an Etnies propriety footbed which is a soft foam that helps to cushion your feet for a smoother ride. The midsole is made of Etnies propriety ES2 material, which is very similar to the wave technology that was first introduced in 2002. While today’s wave technology is a mixture of three different rubbers, the ES2 is a single rubber. It is a very sturdy and durable material that will last you for years.

The shoe itself is made from a blend of fabric and synthetic material. This is what gives the shoe its solid material and flexibility. The fabric that is used is thought to be both comfortable and durable. It helps to make the shoe lightweight.

3. Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

Our rating: 8 / 10

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

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  • Reinforced construction
  • Perfect for a more casual style
  • Eco-friendly materials and Eco-friendly soles


  • More for those with wider feet
  • As with all Eteits, you should scrunch the shoe when you put it on

Ethnic shoes are perfect for people who like to keep their shoe styles low-key. This is a canvas-based shoe that is ideal for everyday wear. One of the best things about this particular shoe is that it’s one of many styles of skate shoes that is environmentally friendly. It isn’t leather, so your conscience and foot will stay clean and comfortable. The soles are anti-microbial, which means they keep your feet from smelling funky. And they are a cross-training shoe, which means you have different weight-bearing support features and get more natural movement and flexibility out of the shoe.

4. Etnies Scam Skate Shoe

Our rating: 8 / 10

Etnies Scam Skate Shoe

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  • High-quality
  • Great leather upper
  • Vented waterproof membrane
  • Durable
  • Light weight
  • Works great for skateboarding, skating, and BMX riding


  • The synthetic sole wears out quickly
  • Not ideal for casual wear

The Etnies Scam skate shoe is made for skateboarding and general skating.

It’s super light, and its upper is made from high-quality brown leather.

It has durable molded rubber soles with VTR Amsoil Vented waterproof membranes, which makes the Scam more breathable and durable.

5. Etnies Marana Skate Shoe

Our rating: 7 / 10

Etnies Marana Skate Shoe

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  • Lightweight
  • Breathable upper with an Omni-fit system for a snug, comfortable fit
  • Slip-on design for enhanced performance
  • Protective toe cap
  • Thermoplastic mid-sole for enhanced board feel

Sporty skateboarders are always looking for their next fix. In the fashion world and in the skateboarding world, Etnies are as popular as they come. Their shoes are even a coveted prize in skateboarding competitions, whether they are used in the competition itself or whether they are used in the competitions that earn worshippers the right to go on with the board used in competitions.

The Etnies Marana is an excellent example of the ever popular athletic brand. They are a great shoe for a coach who needs something breezy for long sessions on the sidelines. Coaches love them, and so do their players. They come in colors to match any uniform, plus they offer a replaceable heel and t-toe.

While the mens Etnies Marana is a respected skateboarding shoe, it’s not the super comfortable shoe that the coach might want to wear all day long. It’s nice enough to wear for work, but not good enough for after.

6. Etnies Fader Skate Shoe

Our rating: 7 / 10

Etnies Fader Skate Shoe

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  • Durable suede inspired Omni-Grip cupsole
  • Rubber toe-guard
  • Proprietary RevLite midsole
  • Fresh colorways every season
  • Signature Etnies look
  • Fit true to size
  • Cost effective
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • No arch support
  • Not a lot of padding
  • The tongue is not heat molded

Etnies shoes, or Etnies, are made by a brand most popular for their skateboarding shoes. But the brand can also manufacture to stylish shoes.

Just like all other Etnies shoes, the Fader is a molded skate shoe with a rubber outsole that can be very useful for people who walk a lot or who have to walk on slippery terrain.

The Fader is made to last. You should expect it to have a tough exterior to make them look like quality shoes for the longest time possible.

7. Etnies Jameson Vulc Skate Shoe

Our rating: 6 / 10

Etnies Jameson Vulc Skate Shoe

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  • Flexible and fast
  • Rubber sole and comfortable padded cushioning for warmth and shock absorption
  • The soles are durable and light
  • Rubber toe cap for additional protection from impact
  • Fleece-lined collar will keep your feet warm
  • Articulated cuff for increased mobility
  • Mesh tongue will ensure great air circulation
  • Textured toe guards will improve durability


  • The tongue is constructed of a mesh that will eventually fray from the constant rubbing of your feet
  • Laced loosely enough can be vulnerable to an attempted foot theft
  • If you have wider feet, may blisters
  • If you don’t tie the laces taut enough, they will slip out of place

The Etnies Jameson Vulc Skate Shoes is a casual shoe that is made of durable materials, is light-weight, flexible and will keep your feet cool and dry.

These shoes are ideal for skateboarding, inline skating, snowboarding, and casual use. The toe cap will protect your shoes from impact, and the padded collar will keep your feet warm when the weather is cool, and when you’re using your shoe inside and outside. This shoe features a cushioned sole in the heel and ball-area, and the tongue is also lined with fleece for an additional touch of warmth.

8. Etnies Mens Callicut LS Skate Shoe

Our rating: 6 / 10

Etnies Mens Callicut LS Skate Shoe

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  • Simple one-piece molded cupsole design
  • Two-piece Croslite foam midsole
  • Low profile design
  • Plastic pod traction outsole
  • Resi-track® high-abrasion rubber outsole
  • Durable suede leather upper
  • High strength top-quality laces
  • Molded heel clip.

9. Etnies Men's Barge XL Skate Shoe

Our rating: 5 / 10

Etnies Men's Barge XL Skate Shoe

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  • Mesh upper
  • Nice and flat with good grip out of the box
  • Nice and flat with good grip out of the box


  • Not super stiff
  • No harder plastic in the heel cup for side-to-side roll
  • Not a lot of shock absorption under jumping

Etnies is a long-time name in skateboarding. Many aficionados of the sport will remember the brand's Hyperfeel line of shoes. The Barge XL is a step up from the brand's most popular skate shoes, the EZ Fold, and features a high-top profile that's geared toward downhill, long distance and skate park riding as well as skateboarding.

They have a durable quality that's typical of other skate shoes. While they probably won't last as long as a pair of Vans or other pair of running trainers, you will be satisfied with their lifespan. It may not be super thick, but they will last.

Etnies' Barge XL also comes with TruDry construction. This means that the shoes are built to get rid of moisture while you skate and stay strong. The fit should remain comfortable forever, so long as you choose a size that fits. You can even change the laces if you want. They are traditional laces, so you will need to use your hands to make adjustments.

10. Etnies Men's Division Skate Shoe

Our rating: 4 / 10

Etnies Men's Division Skate Shoe

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  • Made using durable reinforced suede and canvas
  • Features sturdy stitching for long-lasting wear
  • Comes with a rubber toe and an interior heel cup for extra support and comfort


  • Might be too low to the ground for some users
  • You have to order your correct shoe size

This low profile skate shoe by Etnies is made from durable canvas and leather materials. It has a reinforced suede toe and suede and canvas upper which ensures that this shoe is sturdy enough to last for many years. This is the kind of shoe that will last for years to come.

Unlike most skateboard shoes, this one comes with a canvas and leather upper and a rubber toe cap which is typical of a Euro-style shoe. Other features include a tongue gusset, an interior heel cup, a padded collar, and a 3-piece ESS midsole.

The features of this shoe are similar to those in any other skate shoe which is why it is comfortable and flexible enough for doing many things.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best skate shoes 2022?


The Romaleons are the best skate shoes. These are made by a company that is reputed for making quality shoes. They can be worn both in skateboarding and skating. The comfortable bottoms help to ensure that you maintain balance in riding. Although they are made from rubber, the sole is thin hence prolonging the life span of the shoe. This durability makes them one of the best skateboarding shoes in the market.

Carhartt Smooth Riptide:

There is nothing smooth about these shoes. They are rough, stiff, sophisticated and cool. They are meant to last for a long time, with sturdy bottoms to help you maintain your balance while riding. They also have nice soles and a stylish body design. If you want to rock and roll, these are the best riding skateboard shoes for you.

The skateboard shoe is probably the most popular shoe. Its a shoe with a Vans style flat top, but it has a vulcanized sole, and stitch retainer, which means that the stitching on the sole will not break. This feature not only is more durable, but it also makes the shoe lighter. It is used for skateboarding because the soles are very smooth, and great on gripping. Most skateboarding professionals believe that skateboarding shoes are the most comfortable thing to skate in. Some other notable shoe brands in the eighties were: Airwalk, Force Ten, Etnies, Nautica, and New Balance.

Which skate shoes last the longest?

Etnies Am500 Shoe: The Am500 shoe from Etnies is being marketed as a skateboarding shoe that you can use for any activity you choose to partake in. These are made of a canvas upper and have a unique blend of mesh and leather for a soft and comfortable fit. This also makes them a bit more durable and able to stand up to aggressive use. The tran sole also gives good protection to the feet.

What’s more, the Am500 comes with a built in support system for added comfort and stability. That’s nice to have, particularly if you decide to go skateboarding with them. All in all, this is one of the better skateboarding shoes for the money.

Price: $$$


Good for skateboarding, roller skating, and etc.

What shoes should I wear to skateboard?

This depends on how seriously you wish to practice. If you are a beginner, you might want to consider skateboarding shoes since they are more comfortable than the regular sneakers. The skateboarding shoes can help you to keep your foot locked in place, which in turn, makes it easy for you to balance. If you do not want to deal with the problem of having your foot move, then consider getting a skateboarding shoe. However, do not just buy a normal sneaker soaked in wax as it might sell simple skateboarding websites will sell you this sort of shoe. However, better skateboarding website will let you know what you need.


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