10 Benefits Of Yoga For Men

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Yoga Benefits For Men

Yoga is free of cost.

Yoga is a simple form of exercise which doesn’t involve heavy weights or expensive equipment. All you need is a yoga mat and you are ready to gain all the benefits of Yoga.

All that you need is an open space in your house and 5-10 minutes of your time.

Yoga involves slow, controlled breathing.

Breathing is an amazing tool which helps connect mind and body. Breathing during a Yoga session is much slower than regular breathing. This is due to the fact that you don’t try to take in as much air as you can.

When the breathing is slow, it calms the mind down. The Yoga Pranayam known as Anulom Vilom Pranayam involves breathing through both nostrils. Both nostrils are connected by the Ida and Pingala Nadi. Ida Nadi is known as Pingala Nadi… during this breathing exercise, you alternate nostrils.

As you breathe in through one nostril and out the other, the Ida Nadi is active, while the other nostril… as you breathe out, the Pingala becomes active. These Nadi or energy channels are said to run parallel to the spinal cord. Through this breathing exercise, you stretch these Nadis.

A Little Background

Yoga is an important activity that is regularly took up by individuals of all ages and levels. The main objective of yoga is to achieve the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. Yoga is easily available in the market at the form of mats and attire. However, yoga poses can be done without the yoga attire.

Yoga is very important in the present time and many individuals are keen on getting the same. It is for this reason that the yoga instructors and trainers have come up with the online yoga.

The yoga is also referred to the art of alignment to stress the fact that the posture of the body and motion of the body are very important in the yoga. In addition, the practice of the yoga can give the following benefits to the practice of the yoga.

Minimizes The Chance Of Nerve Impulse

All of the individuals do not make use of the valuable time and this means that they will tend to stretch to an extent where they strain themselves and this can be a result of a nerve impulse, which is commonly known as the muscle cramp. A problem at work that mainly requires individuals to be on their feet a lot appreciates the yoga. It is because the yoga maximizes the circulation of the blood and prevents the people from nerve impulses. It gives the relief from the pain and discomfort that result from the nerve impulses.

Boosts The Concentration

10 Benefits Men Can Expect from Practicing Yoga

Yoga practiced on a regular basis can improve your overall fitness and flexibility, not only while you’re on the mat but in everyday life, too.

Body Awareness

Yoga’s emphasis on the breath, body and a complete awareness of what you are doing in the moment helps build body awareness and improve coordination. This in turn helps you improve your performance in other sports.

Greater Self Awareness

Yoga helps you create a deeper sense of yourself and helps in learning to be more comfortable and at peace with yourself. Yoga also helps you to learn and explore the meaning and purpose of life.

Self-discipline and a Positive Attitude

Yoga requires a lot of self-discipline and a positive attitude in the face of any challenge. These shapes your personality in a positive way and creates a calmer person.

Healthy Digestive System and Body

Yoga improves your digestive system and hence, prevents you from taking a lot of medicines to cure your indigestion and other digestive problems.

Self-confidence and Self-awareness

Yoga helps you to increase your self-confidence and also become more aware of your own body and mind. You learn how to accept your flaws and also accept your strengths.

Stronger Muscles

If you're a man with a restless style of the life filled with activities, work, hobbies and interests, you know the energy-sapping effects of this busy existence. Yoga is one of the most effective ways to restore and replenish your energy levels so you can continue forward.

Ever wonder why meditation at the end of a long hard day might feel physically fresher than actually being physically active at that time?

If you want to be an active participant in your life's activities, you need to be able to restore your energy levels. Yoga can do that for you.

Stress Relief

Most men ignore the sensations and emotions they feel on a regular basis. They even don't care how they react or why they react, but it takes up their energy and can cause stress. Yoga poses help men understand their real selves and also overcomes the bonds that create stress in their life.

Strengthened Muscles:

Yoga is basically the discipline of strength. It is a dual statement. It builds the muscle structure you need while helping you to understand the strength you already have. Yoga helps you to focus on the power within yourself. The poses exercise your muscles and increase their flexibility.

Improved Blood flow:

Yoga practice is all about positive wellness. You can definitely improve your blood flow by practicing it. When you stand in yoga positions, blood flow in your body increases and becomes more active. This keeps you more active and energetic, leaving you to perform well in daily life.

No Judgment Zone:

Men Yoga allows you to achieve silence and calmness within yourself. This is one place where you can do and express yourself without any judgment. Your personal space should be limited to judgement. Suddenly, you will feel more confident to do something and be more independent without the pressure of judgment.

Focus on Swadhyaya:

Help Breaking Through Your Personal Limits

A great part of yoga is learning to control different parts of your body, learning how to breathe, and focusing on your movements to meet your goals. When you are able to control your body, you can control your mind and emotions. How does this benefit men?

Well, men are often very goal-oriented. They always want to overcome their limits, and men are constantly aiming toward self-improvement. With yoga, men can exercise their control and control their mood.

One of the top benefits of yoga for men is that they will improve their ability to handle stress. When a man faces difficult situations, he will be less likely to react aggressively and more likely to respond calmly. In other words, yoga will prevent men from losing control and turning into violent, aggressive, and unhinged men.

Yoga does not just help men to keep control of their emotions. It also helps them to stop reacting to every little thing that makes them feel uncomfortable. Yoga helps by training men to avoid a fight or flight reaction and to deal with verbal abuse more positively.

Yoga is known for its incredible effects on stress and anxiety. When men respond to stress and anxiety with yoga, they work on a level of the mind that will help them to be more calm and centered in the long run. This benefit of yoga helps men deal much better with life’s stressors.

Faster Recovery from Illness or Injury

Yoga has been proven to aid in faster healing and recovery from illness and injury.

Yes, the exercises are easy on the muscles and joints, but what is it that actually heals your body?

It’s the breathing. Holding your breath in deep stretches bring blood to where it’s needed, relaxes your body and welcomes healing energy.

A great example is the ‘Child’ position, which is a resting pose and very easy to perform.

This pose will not only help with your circulation, but is also very effective for depression, insomnia and anxiety.

Hold this for 15 to 20 breaths and see if you don’t feel better afterwards.

The deep breathing, the stretching, the open body position, and the release of anxiety, all combine to help you feel less stressed and more relaxed.

It’s a great thing to do when you’re going through a rough time.

A More Satisfying Sex Life

A study conducted at the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2008, found that men who practiced yoga increased their feelings of sexual satisfaction and reduced feelings of stress that resulted in better relations with partners.

A recent study conducted by the Medical College of Georgia revealed that men who practiced yoga were very sexually active, which is made possible by the benefits of yoga for men who lead a physically inactive sex life.

Another study in 2007, published in the journal of the National Council for International Health, also revealed that men who practiced yoga were found to have more stamina and energy to go for sex for long periods of time.

A Better Night’s Sleep

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, try to practice yoga before bedtime and you’ll find that more restful sleep awaits you. Scientific research has linked yoga with better sleep, thanks to "yoga nidra," which is an advanced meditation technique typically practiced after your yoga session.

Although yoga nidra is traditionally done in supine position (lying down), it has been adapted for class by having students close their eyes at the end of class and relax.

Simply put, yoga nidra is like hypnosis and meditation combined, and it induces a deep state of relaxation by quieting your mind. This, coupled with the slow, rhythmic breathing associated with yoga, is a potent tool for a good night’s sleep.

Help Losing Weight

(By Losing Shame)

Shame is a powerful emotion that can lead to a lot of destructive, self-destructive behaviors.

However, it's important to understand that everyone feels shame from time to time, and our society puts a lot of unnecessary shame on men.

While there are a lot of toxic ways to deal with shame, you can flip it around and use it for your own good and to become a more compassionate man.

By exploring your shame and facing it head on, you can overcome it and free yourself from its effects. One way to do this is through yoga.

By going through yoga builds, you can start to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You can start to become aware of any shame you’re holding in your internal body and start letting it go.

By asking for help and forgoing your shame, you can shed your heavy emotional weight and be a more open, empathetic person.

Improved Circulation

Yoga is said to induce vasodilation, improving circulation to the arteries and veins of the body, which accounts for many positive health effects. Practicing yoga can help stop varicose veins which develop when veins become stretched and twisted. Loosening the muscles in the leg can help to improve circulation to the affected limbs that are unable to flow freely.

Among the men that i know who practise yoga, the majority have experienced a reduction in the degree of difficulty in erections. This suggests that circulation of blood is being increased to the pelvic area in a positive manner.

Greater Productivity

As much as productivity is a universal concept, the deeper understanding of specifically what drives productivity in men is quite an elusive thing.

Workplace productivity tools, methods, communication styles, and overall performance benchmarks are ever-changing, mutable, and dependent on a complex amount of factors.

The core of productivity, however, is the man himself. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses can empower you to form a powerful relationship with the work you do, and that can only be achieved through creating an empowering connection with yourself.

And there’s no other way to do that other than through yoga.

That’s because yoga is about creating a spiritual connection between yourself and the universal force that exists in everything, known as the Kundalini.

As soon as you immerse yourself in this meditative art, which is essentially connected to discipline, you’ll start feeling more connected with your body, with who you are as a man, with your essence, and with nature.

And as a result, even your productivity is bound to grow a lot.

Greater Flexibility

A common misconception is that yoga involves a lot of flexibility, which is not really the case. In fact, yoga gives you the opportunity to improve your body’s flexibility through regular practice. How? The yoga is designed to help you perform exercises without causing any risks for injuries.

You can go for a more conventional form of yoga and concentrate on gaining flexibility, or dance your way into the slow flow form of yoga and just move around. The sweat and energy you will be exerting in the slow flow form will help you shed a few pounds and get to experience the many other benefits of yoga.

Cleansing of the Nervous System

By regularly practicing yoga, you may be able to purge your mind of some weight that has been troubling you. Over time, you will realize that you are more relaxed and is able to handle stressful situations without much difficulty. You may discover a new you, a calmer, more focused and more positive you.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

A study conducted on 240 patients with high blood pressure has shown a significant lowering of blood pressure for those who practiced yoga as part of their daily regime. Participants saw their blood pressure fall by 19 points, which is a significant number.

The Bottom Line

Yoga for men is the best way to make your body strong and fit. Yoga helps to improve your memory and concentration. It also helps to make your body flexible and according to my view. Yoga is the best way to remove the major cause of many chronic diseases.

There are also many other benefits which are not only for men but also for women.

If you’re still not very sure, here are the 10 reasons you should give yoga a go for men:

Promotes A Healthy Body And Mind

Yoga offers a wide array of benefits that span well beyond flexibility. Pattabhi Jois, one of the most famous names in yoga, once said, “Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is not exercise that makes your body bend, it is the discipline that gives you strength to straighten.”

Acquiring a healthy lifestyle helps you to maintain mental clarity, improves self-confidence, and can easily take care of your stress problems. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your cholesterol levels.

Helps Maintain Weight

During yoga training, men can increase their body awareness and they can easily lose weight. There are a number of different types of yoga that are specially designed to help you from your weight-loss journey.

Maintain stamina during sex