10 Amazing Benefits Of Boxing

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Benefits Of Boxing

Boxing has an incredible number of benefits to our health. Boxing is a great cardiovascular workout and it's a fun and challenging sport to take part in. Get out the old punch bag and start working up a sweat. Punching the boxing bag can burn between 500 and 1000 calories per hour which makes boxing not only a great workout but a great weight loss tool too. You can punch the bag to get rid of stress, it's a great way to keep fit without paying for a gym subscription and boxing and it's great fun for the whole family! Boxing is a great way to learn how to control your anger. You're not going to feel so mad when you've punched the bag for an hour or two, it definitely puts things in perspective. Boxing is a great way to release aggression, if you have a job where you have confrontations with others it'll definitely take your mind of things.

Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Boxing improves cardiovascular health in the same way running can, only it’s done a little differently. Exercising with your arms instead of your legs increases your heart rate in a different manner.

In addition to that, boxers often have very fit lower bodies as well as strong upper bodies. You are in essence running in quick bursts, so your leg muscles get a killer workout as well.

It also burns lots of calories, so if you’re trying to lose weight, boxing is a great choice.

Enhance Your Overall Muscle Tone

The main reason why boxing is so physically demanding is because it is a full-body exercise. Almost all of the major muscle groups in your body are targeted when participating in boxing.

Thanks to the fast-paced nature of the sport, your muscles are undergoing strength training at all times.

This causes your muscles to become more defined and well-toned, as opposed to losing all of your hard work to flab.

It is all about the intensity – the more energy and effort you put into boxing, the more powerful and precise your movements will be, and the greater the benefit to your muscle tone.

To help you attain the necessary intensity, try to avoid short punches and make sure you hit hard – this will increase the triggers to your muscle fibers.

With speed and strength being rewarded, you will be putting the necessary effort needed to attain boxing’s excellent benefits.

Boost Your HGH Levels Naturally

Have long used synthetic growth hormones to increase their muscle mass. There is good science to back up that claim, even it is a controversial and in part banned technique.

However, there is an alternative way to naturally boost your growth hormone levels, and more specifically your natural growth hormone. And that is to exercise the way the body was always meant to.

High intensity weight training is a fantastic way to naturally and safely boost your HGH levels, and also burn the maximum amount of calories without killing your joints.

Another alternative way to boost your growth hormone levels is by learning how to become a boxer. Even without hitting a heavy punching bag or a speed bag, you can still improve your strength by adopting a boxing style workout.

And if you’re looking to improve your hand eye coordination and reflexes, boxing is for you. Here are the ten reasons why you should consider picking up boxing as an exercise in your daily workout.

It’s Great For Hand-Eye Coordination

Modern boxing is not just about aggression anymore. For pure class and finesse, nothing can beat the speed of boxing. It is also very easy to learn, which is probably why they have started and popularized worldwide.

You will be amazed at how fast your hands move and how you can change direction on a dime while you spar.

The only thing that is slowing you down is your mind! There are many punches that you will learn to throw, but the beauty is that you can always make up your own.

The best way to learn how to throw a punch is to try almost every day and to listen to a qualified boxing instructor.

Boxing Is A Full Body Workout

While it is often seen as a sport of the fists and the abs, Boxing actually gives you a full body workout.

You put your whole body into a boxing match, so expect your arms, your legs and your core to get a great workout.

Decrease Your Stress Levels

If you’re like most people you probably have a lot going on in your life.

You have work, family, bills, and social obligations that need to be met on a daily basis.

And that makes sense, it’s life after all. But it’s also not healthy in the long run.

These obligations can cause you to develop a lot of stress in your life. And often times it can negatively affect you.

Stress can make it hard to sleep, is associated with heart disease, and can even cause you to develop anxiety and depression. But you don’t have to deal with these issues alone.

Boxing is an amazing form of exercise that can help to reduce your stress levels and keep you regular too!

Not only does a good workout make you feel better physically, but it can also make you feel mentally better as well. It’s a great way to clear your head and take your mind off of all of the stressors in your life.

Great Confidence Booster

Boxing is one of the best sports out there that can build your overall confidence no matter what shape you’re in or whatever level you’re at.

You will learn how to handle yourself in an anger situation and become a more mentally stable and self-reliant person.

You can even come out of the ring in a better mood when you manage to get through the rounds. So if you’re having a tough day at work, home, or school, work out your demons by boxing.

Your self-confidence will sky rocket, and you’ll have a major sense of accomplishment after each training session. It doesn’t even matter if you win or lose.

The more you practice and learn throughout your boxing journey, the more your confidence as a person will only grow.


Boxing increases your ability to defend yourself with your hands. Regardless of how fit you are, you can never predict when you may be face to face with an aggressor or other individual who is trying to harm you.

Injuries can happen or your opponent can surprise you with unexpected blows to the face.

The good news is that you can make yourself more adept to handle an aggressive situation. When you master the art of boxing, you can protect yourself in a variety of situations.

Not only that, your self-defense And the drills you learn in a boxing gym will prepare you to handle almost any type of attack, including grabs, chokes, and headlocks. Grab your opponent firmly without letting go and hitting any sensitive body part when possible.

Even if you do not practice the sport of boxing, it’s important to know how to defend yourself against an attack.

Boxing Kick-Backs

There are times when an attacker can simply rush you or block your exit. You might have training in the martial arts or other types of combatives, but to break away from a grab or choke, you’ll need a bit of power behind your back.

A kickback is a type of combination that can help you break away from a choke or grab.

Improves Core Strength & Stability

Boxing is great for building core strength, acquiring the strength required to stabilize your body when things get tough and to maintain physical equilibrium. Having achieved a basic level of coordination and core strength, you’re ready to move on to more advanced boxing techniques. And you will get this within a very short time!

Boxing is an excellent way to improve your posture and balance. Once you’re on the road to boxing, you will improve your posture, core strength, and coordination. Boxers have way more upper and lower body strength. Do you know why? Because boxing strengthens your upper & lower body muscles, which burns more calories and burns fat FAST.

Another reason boxing is excellent for developing core strength is because of the stance you are required to take, which helps your abs and lower back muscles to work really hard.

It’s because of the way boxing improves your posture that it can also help with numerous posture related problems. And in this way it becomes a very powerful self-defense technique for women.

Boxing is fantastic at building core strength, which in turn helps with relieving back and neck pain.

The combination of core strength and increased flexibility also means that you’ll be able to strike accurately and in a controlled manner without wasting energy.

Boxing Is Great For Bonding

Boxing can be a great father-son activity. Not only will you two be bonding, it will also keep you both in shape.

Bonding and working out, great combination, isn’t it?

You have probably seen Hollywood celebrities like Sylvester Stallone go to the boxing gym to get toned and look great for their movies and other public appearances.

But I’m sure you also know the news about Chris Brown and the case of him getting beaten up by Drake’s bouncer.

In their case, bonding went a little too far. Lol.

As for burnout, instead of just hitting the gym, which I can’t seem to get you out of my mind these days, you could be boxing instead.

Not only it will keep you active, but will also burn out your stress slowly but surely. This is an alternative to taking up exercises like kickboxing classes and Pilates that I’ve already talked about.

If you are always working, a simple 20-minute boxing workout can lighten up your body.

It has been said that boxing is one of the best workouts for all parts of the body. You just need to work out your arms, legs, abs, and shoulders.