Brad Robinson

I am a full time college student and have a passion for the outdoors. I love camping, hiking, and biking. I like most sports, and have even been called the "most athletic person you’ll ever meet" by my roommate.

I am a huge nerd when it comes to being prepared. I like to think that I’ll be prepared for anything that comes my way. That’s why I’ve tested and bought a ton of different gear. My friends and family always facetime me from the store asking what they should get for their adventures and I can usually help them pretty well. That’s when I realized a website could help me reach even more people.

I have a head for numbers, and am extremely detail oriented, with the ability to see the big picture. I hope my blog can help you to be prepared too.

I think that is the most important part of my blog. I try to break down complex topics into easy-to-understand pieces. I do that by using words that everyone can understand, with pictures to give a visual aid, and here and there maybe a video to show how easy it is to do.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy,

Brad Robinson